SME4SMARTCITIES – Mediterranean SME working together to make cities smarter, an EU-funded project under the ENI CBC MED Programme, has pre-selected AICRUM IT as one of the 49 european SMEs to provide ICT innovative and technological solutions to tackle the urban challenges identified in cities in Mediterranean territories participating in the project: Spain, Italy, Israel and Palestine.

SME4SMARTCITIES offers AICRUM IT the opportunity to propose its products and services to answer in a more efficient, smart and sustainable way to the urban challenges faced by the Mediterranean cities.

It is also a chance to improve its competitiveness and internationalization opportunities and its capability to create new knowledge resulting from cross-border cooperative processes.

In the second phase, AICRUM IT will participate in training and co-creation activities aiming at enhancing innovative and cross-border urban developments. The main expectation is to be part of the final selected applicants of the Smart City Solutions to implement innovative and technological urban solutions with support of SME4SMARTCITIES in the conceptual, design and marketing testing phases of product development.