Innovation as a driver of change


Custom solutions

For each project we analyse, evaluate and determine the different alternatives in order to design and develop the best solution that responds to the specific requirements of the client...

Innovation projects

Our participation in R+D+i projects has been fundamental to devise new products applying the latest technologies. Since its beginnings, the company has been committed to R+D+i...

ICT Consulting

We provide professional ICT consulting services to our clients. Our engineers bring their training and experience gained during their professional career...


Our projects are mainly oriented towards the implementation of connectivity and IOT systems for their application in various fields, among which we could highlight the following (among others):


Logistics services

Through BLE devices, which combine connectivity and data input and output, we can collect a multitude of useful information for asset management of any kind.


Manufacturing processes

Through connectivity elements we can optimise work and resource planning, focusing on maximising efficiency in production flows.


Smart cities

Automation of the management of the City’s gardens, parks and green spaces in an intelligent way through sensors for the control of temperature, humidity, irrigation and other related systems.



Web, mobile, backend

Web applications

Mobile applications

Backend services

Cloud services


Immersive technologies

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Mixed Reality


Artificial intelligence

Decision support

Big Data

Machine Learning

Process automation

Predictive maintenance


Internet of

Edge computing


Smart Cards