Custom solutions

For each project we analyse, evaluate and determine the different alternatives to design and develop the best solution that meets the client's specific requirements.

AICRUM IT applies agile working methodologies such as SCRUM and co-creation mechanisms that allow us to iterate regularly with end users, in order to validate at all times that the proposed solution responds to real needs.

The use of agile methodologies makes it possible to pivot to a new solution if the initial solution proposed does not meet expectations. It also saves development costs and maximises customer satisfaction.

Innovation projects

Our participation in R&D&I projects has been fundamental in devising new products by applying the latest technologies.

Since its beginnings, the company has been committed to R&D&I, both in terms of job creation and in terms of actions and investments, with the aim of bringing its own products and applications to market.

As an R&D&I strategy, AICRUM IT is committed to strengthening and continuing to make progress in its two main current lines of work: Artificial Intelligence and immersive technology.

ICT Consulting

We provide professional ICT consulting services to our clients. Our engineers bring their training and experience acquired during their professional career.

AICRUM IT selects the profiles that best suit the needs of our clients.

We keep the technical knowledge of our employees up to date through training courses in the technologies and tools they use for the development of their activities.



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