Our projects are mainly oriented towards the implementation of connectivity and IOT systems for their application in various fields, among which we could highlight the following (among others):

Logistics services

Through BLE devices, which combine connectivity and data input and output, we can collect a multitude of useful information for asset management of any kind.

Manufacturing processes

Through connectivity elements we can optimise work and resource planning, focusing on maximising efficiency in production flows.

Smart cities

Automation of the management of the City's gardens, parks and green spaces in an intelligent way through sensors for the control of temperature, humidity, irrigation and other related systems.


Wemandus consists of the implementation of BLE devices in its assets, which combine connectivity and data input and output, and can be applied to any type of asset and return an infinite amount of useful information for its management. The use of the tool can also be focused on anti-theft systems for remote equipment and even if it is used in rental assets we could have a control and reference of rental and usage times. Through the manager, users can be linked to certain assets so that, either manually or automatically, work or action reports can be generated associated with that user.

On the other hand, Wemandus also allows the automation of the management of gardens, parks and green spaces of the City in an intelligent way to facilitate the tasks of the maintenance team.

Thanks to our software, we can control the automation of the enclosure through sensors for the control of temperature, humidity, irrigation and other related systems in a very simple way to operate as well as to ensure the maintenance of the park assets.

So, let’s say that our tool would cover the following areas:


Management of:


Specialised equipment for the health sector




Spare parts

Smart cities

Maintenance of:

Trees, shrubs and meadows.

Irrigation network infrastructure

Children’s playgrounds and street furniture

Features / Benefits

Thanks to these features we can see that we have a large number of actions to be able to solve any problem regarding any incident detected either by us or notified by a user.

  1. Flexible implementation.
  2. Asset history.
  3. Remote access.
  4. Automation.
  5. Secure, real-time information.
  6. Multiple users and roles.
  7. Notifications.

The ultimate goal of this process is to facilitate the tasks themselves. In this sense, there are several factors derived from the use of this tool, which will undoubtedly have an impact on the economic benefits for the company.

  1. Time optimisation.
  2. Process automation.
  3. Service improvement.

Care Me At Home is a Telemedicine platform that, by optimising resources such as time, costs or distance and facilitating access to new areas of care, brings numerous benefits to patients and strengthens the link between patients and medical teams.

Patients can access information related to their health such as: medications, reminders, individualised recommendations, as well as reports, analyses or results and interact directly with their medical professionals.

Our platform is designed to work with third-party solutions to provide a seamless experience and is interoperable with any health information system. Enhance the experience of your professionals and your patients.


Improve your health management through continuous contact with your healthcare team. You are not alone.

Healthy habits
Take up the challenges of your healthcare team to improve your habits. Improve your diet and physical activity.

Request a virtual or physical visit, or simply change your appointments from your CareMe, anytime, anywhere. Don’t waste time.

Virtual visits
Through our video call or instant messaging system, from the comfort of your home and avoiding unnecessary travel. Avoid risks and at the same time take care of our environment.

Tele-medicine brings you closer to your healthcare team. Thanks to the data obtained automatically by your wearable, if something goes wrong, your medical team will know before you do… Isn’t this the future?


Video call
Increase patient satisfaction through reliable, secure and direct communication.

Manage your availability anywhere, improve your time management.

Maintain a direct and reliable communication channel with your patients. Build trust.

Motivate your patients through games to increase their adherence.

Improve patients’ co-responsibility for their health by sharing useful knowledge.

Collect the data you need anytime, anywhere. Keep your patients monitored and take action if necessary.

Features / Benefits

  1. We provide a direct and secure communication channel between the healthcare team and patients.
  2. We offer the possibility of instant messaging and encrypted and secure video calls. It allows you to be in the right place at the right time.
  3. It allows not only a repository of patient data, but also the personalisation of diets, health advice or health-related news for each patient to enhance patient co-responsibility for their health.
  4. Monitoring through external medical devices, wearables and personalised data collection forms, analysing all the data obtained and applying strategies in terms of alarms and actions.
  5. Regardless of the source, it enables proactive medicine through remote monitoring.
  6. Adherence through gamification motivates patients not only to improve their adherence to treatments, but also to strengthen healthy habits by establishing a system of challenges and rewards.
  7. It enables an improvement in habits and empowers the patient through training and information in a fun way.
  8. CareMe is interoperable with any health information system and can integrate third-party solutions; we are your end-to-end telemedicine solution.

Its objective is to facilitate the monitoring and management of incidents in parks and gardens, integrating various sources of information (sensors, citizens…) with a platform that allows the manager to solve the problems detected as soon as possible:

Trees in poor condition, poor condition of street furniture (benches, children’s games such as swings…) that may pose a potential danger to citizens and transmit a bad image of the city, areas with lack of water due to obstructions and faults in the irrigation network, water leaks and flooding…

Features / Benefits

  1. User and role management.
  2. Chat with users from your organisation or others.
  3. Incident status monitoring and management.
  4. Assignment of tasks for incident resolution.
  5. Manual alerts notified by maintenance personnel or citizens themselves.
  6. Automatic alerts in case of anomaly detection.
  7. Real-time monitoring of the state of parks and gardens.
  8. Collection of sensor data.



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