As we announced months ago, AICRUM IT began its participation in the Pharaon project, in which 41 partners from 14 different countries have been involved, working in the field of digital solutions focused on active and healthy aging. Among these digital solutions is Senior Fit, our technological bet aimed at encouraging older people to lead a healthier lifestyle through physical activity.

Our participation in the project has come to an end but it has been an incredible and enriching experience to have had the opportunity to participate in this innovative project. Throughout the whole process, we have learned a lot and have been able to apply our knowledge to further improve our application.

Pharaon has provided us with a valuable opportunity for growth and learning. Each step of the project has challenged and motivated us to do our best. We have worked closely with a highly talented and committed team, which has allowed us to gain new knowledge and insights.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under the Pharaon project (grant agreement no. 857188), through the Pharaon open call instrument for financial support to third parties.